Save your life from alcohol addiction

Published: 09th January 2012
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Save your life from alcohol addiction
In the present world it is common for people to experiment with alcohol and drugs during their adolescent age, however alcohol addiction is a disease; characterized by the sufferer having a habit of excessive drinking, although they know the negative effects of alcohol on their individuals work, medical, educational, legal and social life. Alcohol Addiction has become one of the biggest problems in the society resulting in one’s losing job, hurting family and friends and moral degradation.
Alcohol Addiction is becoming a common word for the present generation as it has become a trend for youngsters rather; it is influencing people from all age group. There are some other reasons also why people are sticking to addiction like, to overcome the stress and tension of day to day life. People suffering from depression, anxiety, mood swings also tend to fall for addiction.
Alcohol when consumed in excess can affect teens, women, men and older persons differently. Alcohol addicted women are more susceptible to cirrhosis of liver and heart. Whereas youngsters who consume too much of alcohol are at risk to suffer hormonal abnormalities. Long-term effect of alcohol addiction can be life threatening badly affecting the organ system.
For anyone with a serious alcohol or drug addiction can get help to overcome their problems through proper treatments, medication and alcohol rehabilitation program. There are numerous treatments for alcoholism, including individual and group counseling, medication and relapse-prevention programs. There are some other processes to overcome the ailment that is through practicing meditation and yoga. Meditation and Yoga has a very positive healing effect on the person’s body and mind and diverting his/her attention towards other activities. Hypnosis is also a treatment to addiction.

Alcoholism and painkiller addictionamong the teens can be prevented by clear communication of parents about the harmful effects of addiction and support of family is also necessary in the process of cure. Even some rehabilitation- programs have counseling and family therapy as part in the treatment.
The treatment for adults includes detoxification process to remove alcohol from the body. Doctor –prescribed medicines like Disulfiram, Naltrexone help the patient to get out of the crutches of alcohol addiction. Rehabilitation-programs are the best way to move to the normal life. As there is always a tendency to return the addicted life, so the specialist provide under the supervision to reduce the risk of fall back. The treatment followed is long process but definitely achieves recovery. The treatment includes certain steps and each step is important to ensure a happy and productive life. After the initial detoxification period, specialist follows the addiction treatment programs step by step. In this period the patient or the addict starts their life work process which helps them to understand themselves and their addiction which helps them again have control over their life and finally turning to a most normal and happy life. However, person determined to stay sober and away from addiction might also suffer one or more relapses or slips before achieving peaceful life for long time. Here steps in the healing process of yoga and meditation which enables the person to hold on to the correct life style. Meditation and yoga has a great healing affect on physical as well as mental health. It just diverts attentions of the person towards spiritualism and normal activities thus resulting in giving mental relief and peace instead of the anxiety and restlessness faced by the just recovered addicted person. Gradually this whole process of treatment program leads the patient to the happy and best normal life.

Though apparently it might sometimes look unfeasible, alcohol addiction recovery is possible for every abuser, the process is hard and sometimes arduous, but a successful addiction recovery makes it all worthwhile. The proper alcohol treatment program ensures sober, safe and sound long life.

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